Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Darkest Before the Dawn

Finals are upon me. I have to admit that I was a straight up slacker this semester, mostly because I found the classes to be even more boring than last semester (of course, Contracts with Liz is the shining example to which every class is compared and falls miserably short). I will be a crazy person until May 12. I have reverted to insane nocturnal habits. I stay up until 9am, sleep until 1-2pm, and then wake up and work again. Probably throw in a 2 hour nap at some point in the mid-evening too. This allows me to get in some Saved By the Bell time (appropriately, the Jessie Spano caffeine pill freakout episode was on this morning, just when I was starting to feel a little cracked out) and get work done when the distractions of Gchatting and Facebooking aren't prevalent.


1. I've written basically all of a paper for my negotiations class (12 pages, including doing all research) in two nights. It was actually a pleasure to research and write. It's about the effect of reputation in sports agent negotiations where I compare the results of Scott Boras and Ron Shapiro, two baseball agents with very different styles.

2. I created a Torts outline from scratch in about 3 nights


1. I drank an entire bottle of Cherry Coke Zero in two nights.

2. I'm in a perpetual state of cracked out feeling.

3. I'm PETRIFIED of finals

4. I'm allowing myself lots of distractions. So, instead of solely buckling down, I have bought lots of "comfy" work shoes (mind you, I don't wear heels like, ever, so these should be interesting given that they're all 3 inch heels): a pair in black, brown, burgundy (these ones should be OK), and RED! Don't worry, the red is 1) not shiny, and 2) the right shade of red, not that orangish-red, and 3) not skankariffic looking.

5. I have allowed myself to get wrapped up in the drama surrounding the idiotic 3L with poor judgment at HLS.

Oh, and while I'm rambling, I went to trivia at a bar in Inman Square with some friends a couple of weeks ago. First prize is the pot of money that people pay in ($5 per team). My team came in third place which meant we got swag from the bar (a bar glass) and swag from the Trivia Guy. The swag we got was a bunch of free crap he got from the US Census Bureau, but I thought ours was pretty awesome.

Looks innocuous enough, right? A robot. But then you pull the head off and it's a flash drive! Best swag ever, IMO!

Finally, for those who didn't see, the inaugural edition of the journal for which I was an editor was finally completed and posted last week. If you're interested in anything related to sports and entertainment law (or know someone who is), go to

In the meantime, to keep up with my finals-related pursuits (and distractions), I'll be all over Facebook as per usual!

8 people testified:

Nanette said...

I'm tired just reading your post! Hang in there!

weezermonkey said...

You are going to kick ass.

dapotato said...

just finished finals. handing over cracked-out, sleep-deprived, distracted torch to you. yaaaaawn.

good luck, and i'm totally jealousE of your census usb drive.

wan said...

you'll do great! i know it :)

and hey, at least it was coke ZERO.

Feminist Gold Digger said...

All flash drives should be robots.

Everytime I read the word "finals" I read "nails." I have no explanation for this.

amber said...

Poor thing. :( Hang in there - you're going to do great!

Jen said...

You are going to rock your finals!

And, I am in love with the robot flash drive!

Winnie said...

I know you'll kick ass! And, coke zero has zero calories right? You're good.