Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guess Who's Back, Back Again!


I'm coming up for air just to say that law school is wearing me out, folks. I have studied harder in the last week than I have studied in my entire life, combined. Here are some highlights since the beginning of school:

  • One of my friends ended up in my section. Score!
  • I have two superstar professors, but I am truly in love with Warren (or Liz, as I like to call her in my free time. If you don't know who she is, GIYF)
  • I have 8:20am class three times per week. THREE TIMES PER WEEK! I am not a morning person!
  • Even worse, I have had double Civil Procedure sections on Wednesday-Friday...which is basically like hell on Earth, but worse. I have kept myself going by thinking that I'm planning on going into transactional work so it's not going to be my whole career/life.

Funny moment with Liz on the second day of school: so, they have us put namecards with our last names up on the table in front of us. This kid gave a wrong answer on the first day. She came back the next day and asked the same kid another question. Again, he gives the wrong answer. Her response? "You're 0 for 2, [name]." Seems innocuous enough, but the sting with which it was delivered made more than a few of us go "DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!" Of course, under our breath because she would cut us with words if we spoke out. That said, I adore her and her class...and trust me, this is not because I get it (OK, it's not wholly because I get it)!

As for the cross-country trip, that was a hot mess. Those of you who keep up with me on Facebook got a bit of the insane flavor of that trip. Maybe I'll have time to post about it sometime...I just doubt it. It's unfortunate because in between the suckiness, there was actually a decent experience.

I miss having time to catch up on my friends' lives. I'm sorry I've been so MIA. I just need to get my bearings. I've closed down the library a couple of times this week. I've been running on 6 hours of sleep per night which isn't that great when you consider the fact that I need to let all these concepts marinate and give my brain recovery time.

Goodnight my friends. I miss y'all and hope to catch up with you soon!