Monday, January 25, 2010

Braggadocious, Y'all

Since I can't talk to my school friends about this, I'll tell y'all here. Grades came out today. I was fully anticipating a low pass in Civil Procedure -- in fact, after that exam, I went home and cried. Then there was a matter of Property, a class that was horrrrrrrrrrrrible to attend. I think I took maybe 10 pages of notes for the entire semester, altogether. I spent each class period in group GChats. I was completely out to lunch in Criminal Law because my professor was a disaster. I actually tuned in during Contracts because of my love for Liz Warren and also because I enjoyed the class. The final, however, was semi-disastrous and I was seriously concerned about my grade.

This worrying was for naught.

I passed three of my classes (Legal Writing, Criminal Law, and Civil Procedure). It's a miracle of God that I got a P in Civ Pro.

I got Honors in Property and Contracts.

I further got the Dean's Scholar award for Contracts which is for the top one or two grades in the entire section. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?! I must have logged in to the grade system a good three separate times and from different computers just to make sure that was *my* transcript I saw.

I guess I really *am* here for a reason! And, um, so much for the (often unspoken) theory that people of color are at law school without "merit".

Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions Revisited

Well, I didn't make a New Year's resolution because I don't think they work for me. Instead I decided to just continue in being successful in the goals I've set for myself. Much like 2 years ago when I was happy that I was ending the year smaller than I started, I was happy that I ended this past year smaller than I started. I didn't make the progress I wanted, but it made me smile when a dear friend noticed my progress at a happy hour event pre-leaving LA. But I needed to get back to the gym. I don't even want to talk about the amazing dinners I made during the holidays, but let's just say that between the gourmet dinners and decadent desserts, combined with the snow on the ground, I was not as active as I'd hoped.

I found out there's a school gym about a block from my apartment so now it's going to be my fall back if I don't use the one on campus. Now there are no excuses because instead of a 20 minute walk from home, this place is a block away. Added bonus: the gym was fairly empty because the undergrads aren't back yet, so instead of trying to package my workout into a stupid half hour time slot, I was able to take my time. That I actually manage to hang on for 45 minutes was a miracle of the iPod. Praise be to Pat Benetar, Britney Spears (Circus album), and Soulja Boy...and to fab people who have previously gifted me iTunes giftcards :)

Ooh, and I bought myself another Christmas present!

I'm trying to make sure I am maximizing my progress, so what better way to help me keep track of calories in and calories out. If it works for the Biggest Loser folks, then it could work for me (notwithstanding the whole, ya know, 8 hours of working out per day).

PS: For the gym rats, don't be assholes to the people who did make resolutions and are in the gym. Yeah, I know it sucks when you have to wait to use a machine, but if they want to make a change, you should be happy for them.