Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ten Years

OK, so technically the end of the decade is what, next year? Who knows? I'm never really good at that stuff. However, since everyone had the Y2K hysteria and did the decade lists 10 years ago (and this year), I think it's fair game to talk about it now.

1999: I graduated from high school and had finished my first quarter at UCLA. I was really enjoying myself a lot...well, at least my extracurriculars. I disliked my roommates a LOT and was looking forward to living off-campus. I wanted to go to law school, but knew my grades weren't going to be up to par. My mom and stepdad had just split up and my family had just moved to Vegas (my mom, the twins at 8 months, and my sister). My sister had just finished high school and was pregnant with my nephew Isaac. I had just negotiated with the judge to complete an alcohol diversion class instead of having a suspended license for my MIP (minor in possession). I had finally broken up with my high school boyfriend a couple of months before and was not-so-secretly pining after a guy I hooked up with during the summer. I had no idea if I'd ever meet someone that I could even date long term, much less marry.

2009: Shockingly, I managed to not only finish undergrad, but also a master's degree. I just finished my first semester at Harvard Law School. I really like it a lot, even though I don't get nearly enough sleep. My grades are probably still not up to par, but I try very hard. My roommate now irritates me sometimes but I probably won't move out any time soon because he's my husband :). I've been married for almost two and a half years. I now live on an entirely different coast. My nephew will be 10 in a couple of months and the twins will be 11. But the biggest change? I am happy.

True, it's not all wonderful. I've gained weight in the last 10 years which annoys me (to put it mildly). I don't look as young as I once did. But the last 10 years have been such a roller coaster ride and they've seemingly passed so quickly. The next 10 are going to be filled with so many other wonderful milestones: graduating from law school, beginning my professional career, having children, buying a home. The twins will be on the brink of turning 21 (!!!!!!). I will be officially middle aged (Boo!). But I can't wait for all that life will bring.

Happy New Year, all!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Merry Christmas to Me!

I decided to buy myself a pre-finals pick-me-up. I mean, it makes The Outdoorsman's life easier because he doesn't have to shop for me or try to keep a secret (at which he is quite terrible). I win because I get exactly what I want at a good price and I get it immediately! Of course, this was a rationalization made after I saw the email from Gilt Group saying that there was a sale on Juicy Couture that day and The Outdoorsman was still sleeping so he couldn't talk me down from the ledge.

Little Juicy Couture crown earrings. I bought another pair for my little sister for Christmas too. She's in 5th grade now and preparing to go to middle school next year. Between the Juicy tote I bought her last Christmas and the earrings this Christmas, she's going to be the coolest little 6th grader ever.

The only difference between this one and mine is that mine is in a dark beige/taupe-ish color.